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We offer a wealth of services and facilities to help businesses and organisations grow. Our interaction with organisations enables knowledge and expertise to be utilised leading to innovative, profitable and social improvements.

Due to our size and diversity, we can offer research and development facilities beyond what most small and medium-sized enterprises might have available. Through working with our Business Partnerships Managers organisations are able to access these facilities in a variety of ways from one off usages to regular bookings.

Technical research facilities

Facilities available include:

  • Over £7m new chemistry facilities through our Collaborative Technology Access Programme, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • Cyber-security laboratories and training suites and equipped with computing facilities
  • Dilution refrigerators for the lowest temperature testing in the world
  • High-resolution mass spectroscopy for environmental chemistry
  • Glasshouse spaces and controlled environment plant growth rooms
  • Additive manufacturing facility used from concept product development through to full manufacturing lifecycle management
  • New £4m class 100 and class 1000 clean rooms equipped with devices for electron-beam, lithography machine, photolithography, plasma processing, thin-film deposition, scanning electron and probe microscopy
  • €1m wireless broadband laboratory donated by Aeroflex Limited, state-of-the-art suite of test equipment to design, test and verify different protocols and algorithms for LTE-Advanced 4G wireless devices and systems
  • Electronics workshop and additive manufacturing facility, accessible as a technology demonstrator, learning resource and operational prototyping and manufacturing facility
  • Computer-aided engineering and analysis software, used from concept product development through to full manufacturing lifecycle management
  • Office Space

    Our award-winning buildings enable global high-tech, chemical, manufacturing and environmental businesses to co-locate and work alongside our cutting-edge researchers.

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