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Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)

Lancaster University has enjoyed significant success since 2012 in attracting Research Council funding to support early-stage research with external partners through a range of Impact Accelerator Awards. 

IAA Accounts

What is an Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)?

IAAs are strategic awards provided to institutions to support knowledge exchange (KE) and impact from their research. IAAs allow Research Organisations to respond to opportunities in flexible, responsive and creative ways, aligned to their institutional strategies and opportunities. Responsibility for management of IAAs is devolved to the institution to operate tailored schemes to facilitate the realisation of impact. The awards are intended to add value to existing funding and take advantage of new or unforeseen opportunities. IAAs are one of the funding mechanisms for supporting knowledge exchange, innovation and impact at UK Research and Innovation.

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For more information either click on one of the boxes above or contact Mark Bowen (ESPRC and STFC) or Laura Kornas (ESRC and MRC P2D)

Mark Bowen

Mark Bowen

Business Gateway Manager

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Laura Kornas

Laura Kornas

Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Partnership Development Manager, Operations Manager, Health Engagement and Innovation Team

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