Digital ambassador Raven


Hello! My name is Raven, currently a first-year design and marketing student, as well as a member of Bowland College. Born and raised in the Philippines, specifically the beautiful island of Bohol, but now live up north in Cumbria where I'm surrounded by enchanting lakes lined with picturesque mountains.

The role of Digital Content Ambassador will allow me to express my admiration for Lancaster, as well as provide a helping hand for those that may need assistance to adjust to a new environment. The best way I can go about this is by creating video content, which is a field I am very much familiar with since I manage my own YouTube Channel.

Other than that, I have just recently been dabbling in illustration, posting my amateur work on Instagram for others to see and critique. Games such as Valorant, Minecraft and Sims are just some of my favourite pastimes, along with watching anime and my favourite content creators. I also have a dog named Frodo, where he encourages me to work hard so I can provide him with a closet full of cute outfits.

Feel free to reach out in person or on my Instagram!