My 9-5 as a uni student

By Lyea Rivers, January 2024

University life is such a vibrant and busy time. Every student’s life is so diverse and interesting! From lectures and workshops to sports to part-time work to social events! There is so much to experience and so many different experiences as a Lancaster University student. I’ll share with you what my usual 9:00am - 5:00pm looks like.

Lectures and workshops

9:00am. Lectures start! By this time, I have completed my morning exercise, eaten breakfast, checked emails, grabbed tea or coffee to-go and have taken the bus from town to the university. The lectures are engaging and insightful and help me start the day by pursuing mastery in my chosen subject... Earth and Environment Science!

10:00am. Workshop starts! I have lab workshops, field trips, math workshops and other hands-on workshops to actively engage with the course materials, peers, professors and tutors.

Field trips

A country road next to a large field and mountain in the distance

11:00am. Workshop continues! My workshops and field trips are usually two hours long. This allows us enough time to go through the learning material, have discussions with peers and professors and have short breaks.

Food on campus

12:00pm. Lunch! By this time, I am on the bus on my way home to have lunch or I am grabbing lunch at one of the many outlets on campus including popular locations (Costa, Greggs, Spar).

Two students walking past Costa Coffee located within Edward Roberts Court, Lancaster University

My part time work and team meetings

1:00pm. Project leader meeting! I work part-time and for one of my part-time roles, we usually have a weekly meeting. At this meeting we discuss tasks and updates, make decisions and ensure we are meeting deadlines in our project plan.

Reading and time management

2:00pm -5:00pm. Reading! I spend afternoons reading before lectures, preparing for workshops, and completing assignments.

Biology textbooks on a shelf in the library.

Time management is a very important skill at university and by developing this skill, you’ll be able to be productive with your studies, develop your career with part-time work, participate in sports and societies, and much more!