We run frequent research seminars on a wide variety of themes during term time. Please visit our Events page for further details. Many of these seminars are recorded and can be accessed by visiting our archive.

2018 Seminars

Unpicking the paradoxes of competitive accountability

Dr Richard Watermeyer, Department of Education, University of Bath.

07 November, 2018

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Photo Chris Marlow

"Oi. Dancing boy": exploring the limits of movement and masculinity

Chris Marlow, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University.

20 June, 2018

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Digital Technologies - enhancing learning or shifting learning behaviours?

Don Passey, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University.

06 June, 2018

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The Gender Politics of Women Academics in the UK and Portugal

Rosemary Deem, Vice Principal (Teaching Innovation; Equality & Diversity) & Dean of the Doctoral School & Professor of Higher Education Management, Royal Holloway, University of London

02 May, 2018

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Desperately seek careers: The plight of many PhD graduates

Lynn McAlpine, Visiting Professor, Lancaster University.

14 February, 2018

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University, neoliberalism, critique: the Catch-22 of the 'war on universities'

Jana Bacevic, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

31 January, 2018

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How are Students Perceived?

Jessie Abrahams & Anu Lainio, University of Surrey

24 January, 2018

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