We run frequent research seminars on a wide variety of themes during term time. Please visit our Events page for further details. Many of these seminars are recorded and can be accessed by visiting our archive.

2014 Seminars

Technology supported education: Modernisation of mathematics education in Serbia

Slavisa Radovic, GeoGebra Center,
Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade

12th November, 2014
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Out of the Shadows? A Relational Approach to Young Women's HE Transitions

Kirsty Finn, Department of Social Sciences, Edge Hill University

22nd October, 2014
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Princesses with beards: gender flexible identities in early childhood pedagogy

Jo Warin, Lancaster University

15th October, 2014
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Learning Trajectories, Violence and Empowerment amongst Adult Basic Skills Learners

Vicky Duckworth, Edgehill University

4th June, 2014
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Creating a Community Open Online Courses (COOCs) model to explore the implications for Popular Education approaches in online space

Peter Shukie, Lancaster University TEL PhD candidate; University Centre Blackburn College, Education Studies Lecturer/Programme Leader

7th May, 2014
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Higher Education in Wales: An account of devolution to date and an outline of current policy developments

Huw Morris, Director, Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong Learning (SHELL), Welsh Government

30th April, 2014
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Paying lip-service to speaking and listening skills: Oral storytelling and the hegemony of literacy practices in primary school

Dr Rebecca Hibbin, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University

19th March, 2014
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Professions, Professional Knowledge and the Professional Curriculum

Professor Michael Young, Institute of Education, University of London

26 February, 2014
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'Disgusting celebrities': Celebrity motherhood and the cultural politics of austerity

Dr Kim Allen, Education and Social Research Institute, MMU

05 February, 2014
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Current and Future Possibilities in Mobile Technology and Autism Education

Dr Joseph Mintz, Institute of Education, University of London

22 January, 2014
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