We run frequent research seminars on a wide variety of themes during term time. Please visit our Events page for further details. Many of these seminars are recorded and can be accessed by visiting our archive.

2010 Seminars

Social and emotional aspects of learning: Complimenting, compensating and countering parental styles

Peter Wood, Lancaster University, 8th December, 2010
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Stories of Self: Tracking children's identity and wellbeing through the school years

Jo Warin, Lancaster University, 17th November, 2010
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Hallucinating Integration: Practice Simulation or Practice Innovation?

Diana Dawes Lancaster University, 3rd November, 2010
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An exploration of teaching, learning, and technology perspectives-in-practice

Gale Parchoma Lancaster University, 13 October 2010
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Evaluative Research Knowledge: Use, Usability, Effects and Impact

Murray Saunders, Lancaster University, 16 June 2010
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Loose Policy and Local Adaptation: A Comparative study of Master Degrees in the Context of the Bologna Process

Cristina Sin, Lancaster University, 2nd June 2010
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Biographical Narratives and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs): Comparing 'Personal' and 'Official' Representations of Adult Literacy Learners

Sandra Varey, Lancaster University, 26 May 2010
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Affect and Identity in Changing EU Trade Union Education

Sondra Cuban, Lancaster University, 17 March 2010
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