We run frequent research seminars on a wide variety of themes during term time. Please visit our Events page for further details. Many of these seminars are recorded and can be accessed by visiting our archive.

2012 Seminars

"Probably the most educational thing you will ever see": What do young men learn from pornography?

Mark Limmer, Lecturer in Public Health, Division of Health Research, Lancaster University
21 November, 2012
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Much ado about affordances: Implications for researching technological affordances

Gale Parchoma, Lecturer in E-Research & Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University
14 November, 2012
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Intersections of 'race', class and gender in the social and political identifications of young Muslims in England

Farzana Shain, Senior Lecturer in Education, Keele University
24 October, 2012
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Rethinking the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in terms of Students' Engagement with Academic Knowledge

Paul Ashwin, Educational Research, Lancaster University
17 October, 2012
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Lost in transition? The changing labour market and young people not in education, employment or training

Paul Sissons & Katy Jones, The Work Foundation
20 June, 2012
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Skills & competencies required by career practitioners to develop internet-based practice

Jenny Bimrose, Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick
6 June, 2012
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Tribes, Territories and Tribal Reservations

Veronica Bamber, Director, Centre for Academic Practice, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
30 May, 2012
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The Politics of Representation: Constructing Public Narratives of Literacy through Image, Number & Voice

Mary Hamilton, Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University
09 May, 2012
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Truths, Lies, Sex and Stories? Researching Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Made Against School Teachers

Pat Sikes, University of Sheffield, School of Education
2 May, 2012
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Navigating Liminality: The Experience of Distance in Doctoral Education

Jeffrey Keefer, PhD E-Research & Technology Enhanced Learning, PhD Student
21 March, 2012
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Technology, determinism and learning: exploring different ways of being digitally literate

Dr Martin Oliver & Dr Lesley Gourlay, Department of Culture, Communication and Media, Institute of Education, University of London
14 March, 2012
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"Powerful children and powerless adults": Gendered Power Relations Within a Child-Centred Discourse in an Indonesia Kindergarten

Vina Adriany , PhD Student, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University
29 February, 2012
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Reconceptualising space in learning

Sue Smith, Director, LEAD, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, Lancaster University Management School
22 February, 2012
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Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)

Paul Davies, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University
8th February, 2012
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Can the peer group help to counteract cyberbullying? How research can inform practice

Helen Cowie, University of Surrey
25th January, 2012
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