Job-Seeking Advice

If you are a current job seeker we have put together the following tips to support your search

  • Think about your career choices before making them. Ask yourself what your skills, beliefs, interests, and strengths are, and the kind of work culture that would be best suited to you. Explore your options and start taking positive action!

  • Utilise recruitment agencies in your job search. Make sure to research an agency before using them, however! Always check that they are registered with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

  • If you have not had any work experience yet, you can still succeed in your job applications! Look at Prospects’ advice on getting a job without previous experience.

  • Never written a CV before? There are great resources online that have example CVs in varying formats, such as ‘traditional’ and skills-based CVs. See some example CVs from Prospects.

  • Put time into writing an impressive cover letter that showcases your experience and skills appropriately. The National Careers Service’s advice to show your enthusiasm and take the employer’s point of view when writing a winning cover letter is important and yet often overlooked by job applicants! See National Careers Service Advice page for more information.

  • Utilise job advertisements’ person and specifications to structure your application – they will tell you the experience and skills they are looking for in applicants! They will be important in writing your cover letter, adjusting your CV, and answering interview questions.

  • Research employers! Find out what they do, who their customers and clients are, and recent news relating to them and their sector. This will be important in explaining your interest in their advertised job both in your cover letter and interview.

  • Visit careers advice pages such as Prospects which offer more information on finding jobs, writing effective CVs and cover letters, performing well in interviews and assessment centres.

  • Prepare well for your interview. There are some common interview questions that you can think about before getting into the interview! See National Careers Service Advice page for more information.