Fire Door Interface Inspections

Every month the University is required to test the interface between the fire alarm system and door control systems in all buildings with access control and/or automatic doors.

This work is undertaken by Cooks Fire and requires the physical inspection of all doors controlled by the access control system while the fire alarm is active and the doors are locked. This check is to ensure that all doors on escape routes will allow evacuation in the event that the fire alarm is activated. In most cases the alarm will be silenced during the inspection, but for some older systems, where it is not possible to silence the alarm, the checks have to be conducted while the alarm is sounding. Owing for the requirement for the doors to be locked during this test some buildings, where access is required during the week, will be tested at the weekend.

Building Day of month
Bowland North 1st Wednesday
Bowland Tower 1st Wednesday
Slaidburn House 1st Wednesday
LICA 1st Wednesday
LEC 3 1st Wednesday
Pre-School Centre 1st Wednesday
Roundhouse 1st Wednesday
Pendle College 2nd Wednesday
Grizedale College 2nd Wednesday
George Fox 2nd Wednesday
Charles Carter 2nd Wednesday
Furness College 2nd Wednesday
Furness Residences 2nd Wednesday
PSC 2nd Wednesday
Chemistry 3rd Wednesday
Faraday Complex 3rd Wednesday
Physics 3rd Wednesday
HR Building 3rd Wednesday
Security Lodge 3rd Wednesday
Bowland Ash House 3rd Wednesday
Graduate College 3rd Wednesday
LEC 1 & 2, CEH 3rd Saturday
Library 3rd Saturday
Uni House 3rd Saturday
Bowland Main 3rd Saturday
County South & FASS 3rd Saturday
Science & Technology 3rd Saturday
Management School 4th Wednesday
Chancellors Wharf 4th Wednesday
Infolab21 4th Wednesday
Sports Centre 4th Wednesday
ISS 4th Wednesday
Engineering 4th Wednesday