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Global Lancaster

Our primary strategic goal is to establish Lancaster University as a global leader in higher education. We define global leadership as being a ‘go to’ university for research and teaching that transform lives, communities, practices and thinking across the globe.

Global partnerships

Lancaster is constantly developing partnerships across the world to ensure it delivers teaching that takes students to the frontiers of knowledge and produces graduates who can compete in a global job market.

In addition to numerous international research partnerships, Lancaster has four strategic overseas teaching partnerships offering validated Lancaster degrees in China, Germany, Ghana and Malaysia.

Find your world in Lancaster

For students studying a Lancaster degree overseas there are a number of ways to study at our UK campus, such as our Global Summer Schools, our Study Abroad programme, transferring your degree to Lancaster or coming to study for a Postgraduate degree.

QAA QE-TNE Scheme Kitemark

Committed to quality transnational education

As a global university with teaching partnerships around the world, Lancaster is committed to providing high-quality transnational education. This is demonstrated through our participation in the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) QE-TNE Scheme.

The Scheme is a method for the quality evaluation and enhancement of UK transnational education. It is enhancement-led, informed by robust metrics, and has the student experience at its heart.

The latest news from our global partnerships:

World leading research

Our researchers are collaborating across the world to find the answers to global questions affecting us all.

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Collaborative, connected, bold

Home to 1,500+ academics and research staff, and close to 2,000 postgraduate research students, Lancaster University aims to develop a culture and environment that enables world-class research. Our diverse community of researchers transform lives and communities, changing practice and thinking across the globe. Discover what drives our researchers to connect globally, push disciplinary boundaries, take risks, ask the big questions and improve the world around them.

A campus touching every continent

Students from over one hundred countries make up our diverse campus. Our community extends far beyond this though: through business partnerships, our alumni network and stakeholders in our regional communities. Lancaster is an open and welcoming community that values equality and diversity. Our promotion of global values ensures Lancaster is a welcoming environment for international students and staff.