Getting settled

Culture Shock: Video

Cultural adjustment implies experiential learning and being confronted with new, unknown and often uncomfortable situations. Watch this short video for an explanation and examples of culture shock.

Living in the UK

See our Living in the UK pages for information on the climate, medical care, banking, and more.


Internationals with Families

Links, services and information for families of International members of the Lancaster University community. Have a look at the Teddies Club which invites parents to drop in, stay and play sessions.


English Classes

Offering visiting staff and those new to the UK an opportunity to practice and improve their English in a safe environment.
It is preferable if you can join the course at the beginning, but it is also possible to join part-way through the term

For more information, see the OED webpages.


There are also English Classes are available for partners and relatives of international students studying at Lancaster University that meet in the Quiet Room in the Chaplaincy Centre on campus. These classes are mixed level speaking, reading and writing and are free, with children are welcome when accompanied by an adult.


Friends International Lancaster

Friends International Lancaster provides the opportunity for Internationals of any nationality or faith the opportunity to meet together, make friends and learn about local culture and customs.


Intercultural Competencies Online Course

Taking this short course on Intercultural Competencies will start you on your journey to increasing your awareness of your own and other cultures. The insights you gain from this course will support you in developing skills for use in your career and life. You will need to set up your University IT Account to access this course.