6 December 2016 14:12

The Work Foundation, part of Lancaster University, has launched a brand new “Commission on Good Work”.

At an exclusive breakfast in the Churchill War Rooms, the new Director of the Work Foundation, Lesley Giles, welcomed senior leaders in business, trade unions, professional bodies, and the public and voluntary sectors. She invited them to be part of the “Good Work” taskforce, whose activity will drive the Work Foundation’s strategy over the next two years leading up to the Work Foundation’s 100th anniversary.

The Commission’s objectives are to:

•            Understand what “Good Work” is

•            Ensure how “Good Work” is at the heart of rebuilding the economy

•            Secure sustainable improvements in productivity and social prosperity

•            Understand businesses that are profitable through people

•            Explore careers of the future

•            Address the challenges and barriers to “Good Work.”

“Research findings repeatedly show Good Work is a critical way not only to enhance business performance but to drive social prosperity,” said Lesley Giles. “The launch of this new Commission, and a new strategic focus for the Work Foundation, could not be timelier in light of the current political, technological and social climate. I’m delighted to be working with such an eminent group of individuals dedicated to driving this agenda forwards.”

Professor Angus Laing, Dean at Lancaster University Management School, commented, “At a time of great industrial and political upheaval it is vital that academic research pushes progress and development. Here at Lancaster, we pride ourselves in the applicability of our research and the Work Foundation helps us articulate our academic expertise in ways that will drive agendas and instigate change.” 

The event comprised a series of presentations from key contributors to the Commission including:


•            Sir Charlie Mayfield (John Lewis Partnership)

•            Dame Fiona Kendrick (Nestle)

•            Douglas McCormick (Sweett Group)

•            Mark Keese (OECD)

•            Gail Cartmail (Unite)

•            Peter Cheese CIPD

•            Scott Johnson (Small Business Owner)

•            Professor Paul Sparrow (Lancaster University Management School)


For tweets and a short video from the day visit the Work Foundation's Storify page