How we use your information


No Purpose Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)
1. To communicate our range of arts events and arts activities. Consent
2. To ensure we provide relevant and useful information to you. Legitimate Interest
3. To invite you to specific relevant, industry events and / or launches in a professional capacity. Legitimate Interest


No Purpose Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)
1. For the financial processing of your order or contract. Contract

Research / Statistical Returns

No Purpose Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)
1. Production of statistical returns required for our funders i.e. Lancaster University and Arts Council England. Legal Obligation
2. To conduct surveys to gather feedback so that we can improve the arts services we provide and future arts events. Consent
3. To facilitate the assessment and improvement of services that the University offers, to assess the effective management of the University and to ensure the efficient running of the University via internal and external audit Legitimate Interest

Supporting your visit

No Purpose Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)
1. To provide support and assistance (where needed) for your visit - upon notification of Special category data. Contract
2. To contact you in case an activity or event is cancelled, postponed or rescheduled. Contract


No Purpose Legal Basis: GDPR (Article 6)
1. To inform you of membership opportunities, and Lancaster Arts offers relevant to the membership scheme you’ve joined. (i.e. our Under 26 Supporters & Supporters membership). Contract