Fees and funding for international students

Undergraduate eg BSc, BEng, BA, BBA

The tuition fees paid by overseas students for undergraduate courses are in three main bands and depend on the subject area.

Our latest fees.

Scholarships for Undergraduate study

University funding for scholarships is limited. Most scholarships take the form of a partial tuition fee reduction. Scholarships are awarded by academic departments. Please check the website of the academic department that you are interested in applying to.

Postgraduate eg MSc, MA, PhD, MPhil

The tuition fees for postgraduate study depend on your specific course and your subject area.

The latest Postgraduate Taught fees.

The latest Postgraduate Research fees.

Scholarships for Postgraduate study

University funding for scholarships is limited, and most scholarships take the form of a partial tuition fee reduction. Please see the postgraduate fees and funding website for more information.

We also offer a range of scholarships awarded directly through our faculties and departments. Follow the links below for further information:

You should also research sources of funding from organisations such as the British Council and other institutions in your home country.

Living Costs

As Lancaster is a campus university and is located in the North West of England it has a lower cost of living than many other places in the UK. How much you will spend depends on the lifestyle you wish to lead. However we recommend that you use the link below to help with your budgeting plans.

See more information about living costs and budgeting.

Please note when you apply for a visa to study in the UK, the UK government will require you to have a minimum level of money to cover living expenses in addition to your tuition fees.