Postgraduate Loan Scheme - PhD

The UK Government is introducing a postgraduate loans scheme for PhD students beginning in 2018.

Certain details have yet to be confirmed, but non- means-tested loans of up to a maximum of £25,000 will be available.

  • Loans are available to English-resident UK nationals aged 59 or under.
  • They are available for all types of doctorate lasting up to six years, in all subjects.
  • Study may be at any UK university.
  • Students must not be already receiving Research Council funding.

Eligible students

PhD loans are intended for:

  • UK nationals
  • aged 59 or under
  • ordinarily resident in England.

Further details of residency criteria will be published before the 2018-19 academic year.

Eligible Courses and Subjects

Loans will be available for qualifications equivalent to a PhD at all universities in the UK. This includes the DPhil and professional doctorates.  A comprehensive list of eligible qualifications should be made available before launch of the scheme.

Loan amount and repayment

PhD loans will be worth up to £25,000.

Repayments, by salary deductions, will be based on income, at a rate of 6% of income over £21,000 per year. Debt and repayments will be combined with any Masters loan you may have.

Further Information

The foregoing information describes the situation as known in November 2016. Following public consultation ending in December, updated proposals will be made available by the Government.