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Funding and Support

A range of funding and support options are available to social work students, and we’re happy to discuss which ones might best fit your situation. 

We recognise that for many applicants, accessing financial and social support whilst studying is a key consideration. As Social Work students have access to both loans (which have to be paid back) and bursaries (which do not), it can be confusing to understand your options.

Your country of residence is important for determining what government loans or bursaries you might be eligible for. You can look more into student funding in Scotland and social work bursaries in Wales if these are relevant, but this funding may or may not be available for studying at Lancaster. Some of the funding detailed below may be applicable for some EU students – please check relevant links for details.

For students from England, undergraduate funding typically looks like this:


Jadwiga Leigh

As part of our Practice Learning Team, I work to ensure that students have a good experience when preparing for and undertaking their placements, and I welcome feedback at any time. As a registered social worker with experience in child and family settings, I became inspired to explore innovative ways to support parents to develop skills that allow them to turn their lives around. That led me to establish the non-profit organisation New Beginnings in Greater Manchester, which aims to keep families together.

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