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How Social Work improves lives

While many institutions offer social work training, studying at Lancaster also gives you insight into research that is transforming policy and practice across the social work sector. 

Our programme is designed to train a new generation of social workers who are able to bring principles of human rights and social justice into their professional work. Employers and professionals in the social care sector highly respect our graduates though because we also do more than this.

At Lancaster, we use our research to help move social work practice forward. In part, this becomes apparent in the classroom, where you are introduced to cutting-edge insights about social change, and invited to think critically about what such changes mean for those trying to be good social workers. But we also use our research to critically examine established policy and practice and identify opportunities to improve them. Key insights from our work are regularly featured in the media, and members of our staff have advised on changes to national policies. Whether it is being trusted to develop the new Nuffield Family Justice Observatory that will focus on supporting practitioners to make the best use of evidence relevant for work with children and families, or highlighting how the development of Online-facilitated Child Sexual Abuse necessitates further resources to detect abuse and provide support, we do research that makes a difference. Our reputation for excellent research helps to make us among the leading Social Work providers in the UK, and helps our graduates to stand out on the job market. Coming to Lancaster gives you the opportunity to be inspired by, and learn from, this path-breaking work.

Karen Broadhurst

The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research is jointly run with Department of Sociology and the Lancaster Law School and works in close collaboration with the Data Science Institute. We focus on the formal operation of family justice systems and aim to progress cutting-edge research that has real-world impacts. We aim to improve the lives of children, young people and families.

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