A place for Mujahid

Before starting university, some things worried me, it felt like a big jump into a lot of new things all at once. I was worried about practical things like cooking and washing and cleaning. I am a very family orientated person so I did feel homesick in the beginning just like a lot of people do, but when I realised most of the people around me were in the same situation, I felt better and living in a shared flat in the first year meant that we were all learning and could help one another out.

Adjusting to university life

One of the most significant differences between school and university is that at university, you manage your own studies and time more. There’s no one making sure you do your homework or attend your lectures on time. This was a little adjustment for me, but now I love my independence. It’s great to know that I have people to turn to when I do need some support though, my tutors have been so helpful, and we usually get to meet one-one to discuss assignments, topics covered in class, they even helped me plan my workload. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in engineering lab work in my course. It really helps to implement the theory we learn in lectures. The staff in the labs are so supportive, they work with you really closely to help you develop an understanding of the subject in practice which is incredibly helpful. I also love having the chance to study and relax in the engineering building, it has a really welcoming, casual feel, which makes it easy to feel at home.

My advice

If I were to give a piece of advice to anyone worried about starting university, it would be to get involved with things like societies as much as possible. There are so many opportunities, whether it’s a new interest or something you were involved in at home or school. For me, joining societies meant I was able to keep social, keep active and make new friends. I’ve enjoyed being part of the Islam society, not only does this help me learn more about Islam but they also have lots of social events, we’ve been on hikes, and we play football every week. I also take part in boxing and horse riding. Boxing was a new sport for me, I’m so glad I tried it because it keeps me really fit, and I’ve met lots of friends too. Horse riding is something I’ve done from a young age, so I loved having the opportunity to keep this hobby up while away at university.

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