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For the latest information on how COVID-19 is affecting bus travel to and from the University please see the COVID Local Travel Advice page. 

Bus Passes for Staff

Around 1 in 5 of our staff commute to work by bus. Staff eligible for flexible benefits can apply for a subsidised annual bus pass with huge savings off the £390 price. This benefit is available to existing staff during flexible benefits annual enrolment and to new staff starters all year round. Staff cannot have a subsidised bus pass and a car parking permit in the same year.

  • Grade 1 and 2 Staff Unirider or Unirider South - FREE
  • Grade 3 to 6 Staff Unirider or Unirider South - £104 (or £54 if switching from a parking permit in 18/19)
  • Grade 7 or above Staff Unirider or Unirider South - £117 (or £67.08 if switching from a parking permit in 18/19)

A North West Gold Annual Unirider is available on the Season Ticket Loan scheme.

Flexible Benefits
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More buses at peak times

Stagecoach are providing more buses at peak times this year to reduce waiting times at bus stops. We work in a close partnership with Stagecoach and share data from our staff and student travel surveys with them to help improve their service.

Always Improving

With 10,000 passenger journeys at the Underpass bus stop each day, we have recently expanded the platform in the Underpass to make more space as staff and student numbers increase.

Make the Switch

Staff can benefit from a further £50 saving by switching from a car parking permit to subsidised bus pass. 

Switch from a parking permit this year and commute by bus from as little as £54 for the year. Plus, there are other improvements to bus travel to make your switch even more attractive. 

Flexible Benefits