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Car Sharing

Car sharing is an excellent way to save money, reduce your car mileage and your carbon footprint whilst still commuting to campus by car. Find out here everything you need to know about the University's great value Staff Car Share Permit and how to car share safely during the pandemic.

COVID-19: All those car sharing during the pandemic must read the information available on the COVID Local Travel Advice page and follow the latest Government restrictions and guidance on car sharing. 

University staff should apply for the Car Share Permit through Flexible Benefits.

Helpful Information


  • What is the price of the permit?

    The Staff Car Share Permit costs just £72 for 2020/21, making it by far the cheapest annual parking permit available.

    What's more, the cost of this is split between the car share group! Between 2 and 5 staff can register onto the same permit. Most commonly, two people will share so the permit effectively costs just £36 each. A bargain compared with the cost of a standard Staff Parking Permit!

  • Who is the permit for?

    The Car Share Permit is intended for staff required to work on campus and can car share to work for a majority of their working days. For full-time staff, this generally means being able to car share for around 4 days every week.

    The permit is for staff driving to work rather than staff who could get a lift in a car but would otherwise commute to campus without a car.

  • Am I eligible?

    To be eligible each registered car sharer must have held an annual parking permit in the previous year. This can be any parking permit type but it must have been an annual permit. At least two sharers and at least one vehicle registration number per sharer must be provided.

    Staff must be able to car share for the vast majority of days that they travel to work at the University. FTE levels in each car share group will be considered. 

    New members of staff are eligible provided they register onto a Car Share Permit within 28 days of the commencement of employment. Staff returning from maternity leave or sabbatical leave are also eligible provided they were registered onto an annual parking permit in the previous year they worked.

    The Car Share Permit is all about reducing the number of cars that would have otherwise been parked on campus, therefore freeing up precious parking spaces and reducing carbon emissions.

  • How many permits does each car share group receive?

    Only one. However, the permit is transferable between all registered vehicles within that car share group so you can swap the permit between the vehicles depending on who is driving each day. In addition, each sharer is entitled to an allocation of free parking scratch cards.

  • How many free parking scratch cards do I get?

    Each registered member of the permit is entitled to claim up to 25 free one-day parking staff scratch cards. These provide flexibility for the days when the car share arrangement cannot take place and for staff sickness, emergencies and other reasons. The scratch cards are valid for use only in their year of issue but are transferable between the registered vehicles within each car share group.

    The free scratch card entitlement is based on each staff member's full-time equivalent (FTE) contract of employment as follows:

    1.0 FTE                 - 25 scratch cards

    0.80 to 0.99 FTE    - 20 scratch cards

    0.60 to 0.79 FTE    - 15 scratch cards

    0.40 to 0.59 FTE    - 10 scratch cards

    Less than 0.40 FTE - 5 scratch cards

  • Where can I park?

    Car Share Permit holders have a greater choice of parking spaces as the permit is valid in all Visitor Car Parks (apart from Bowland Avenue and the front Sports Centre car park) as well as the Staff Parking Zone and the South West Campus Parking Zone on Alexandra Park. 

    Visitor spaces are often the last spaces to fill up on the main campus so this can be very useful when looking for a parking space. 

    Parking Zones Map

  • What's the guaranteed ride home scheme?

    Car Share Permit holders are automatically entitled to a guaranteed ride home from work.

    The Guranteed Ride Home Scheme is provided to ensure that you are able to get home due to unforeseen occurence. Such occurence includes the event of a home or family emergency during work time, illness or a sudden unexpected change in the work schedule of either the car driver or the car passenger(s). If a member of a registered Car Share Permit has to leave work at an unexpected time, and no practical alternative route home is available for the passenger(s) members of the car share, the University will pay for transport from the University to the passenger's home. This may include a taxi service if public transport is not a suitable option.

    Further details and procedures for the guaranteed ride home are provided on the Policy and Enforcement page.

  • What happens when I car share using a plug-in electric vehicle?

    If a plug-in electric vehicle is to be used as part of car share then the price charged for the permit will be the same of the Electric Vehicle Permit. This will entitle the electric vehicle driver to the electric charging whilst plugged in at one of the campus electric vehicle charging points.

  • How many vehicles can be registered onto one permit?

    Up to 5 vehicles can be registered onto a single permit. The permit will be valid in any one of those registered vehicles.

  • How does it differ for tenant staff?

    The same eligibility criteria apply to tenant staff as they do for University staff. However, the application process is different as tenant staff cannot use flexible benefits.

    Tenant applicants should complete a Car Share Permit Registration Form available from the Car Parking Office in Security. All registered sharers and their line managers must sign the form. Line managers are to provide confirmation of the employee's FTE level and the intended car share arrangement.

    New staff starters for tenants are no longer eligible. These must have first registered onto a standard annual parking permit.

  • How do I apply?

    University staff should apply via Flexible Benefits.

    Tenant staff should apply initially via the Car Parking Office in Security by either telephone (01524 592179) or email (