Voter registration

As part of Lancaster's registration process, those eligible to vote in the UK can add their details to the electoral register.

About Voter registration

If your permanent home address is in the UK then as a student you can go onto the electoral register both at home and at University. If you have previously registered but are moving into new accommodation, you will need to re-register.

I’m not British, can I vote?

Resident Irish and qualifying Commonwealth citizens are entitled to register and vote in all elections in Britain. Resident EU citizens are entitled to register and vote in local elections.

The electoral and open registers

What is the difference between the full version of the electoral register and the open register?

Everyone’s name and address goes on the full version of the electoral register. The full version of the register is only used for:

  • Elections
  • Preventing and detecting crime
  • Checking applications for loans or credit.

The open register is the version of the register that is available to anyone who wants to buy a copy, including businesses and organisations.

Opting out of the open register

Although your details do have to be included on the full register, you can opt-out of the open register.

If you are already registered to vote but want your name to be excluded from the open register please email with your name and address.

Opting out does not affect your right to vote. You can find out more about the difference between the ‘open register’ and the electoral register on