Digital content ambassador João


Hi there!

I’m João, Jo for short. I'm a Lonsdale second-year student coming from Portugal.

My main passion is to tell stories and to transport people to different settings, even if just for a few minutes, for that reason I'm studying Film and Creative Writing.

In my free time, I'll probably be writing, reading, filming, or watching How I met Your Mother (again and again). Sometimes I like to go for a walk around campus, if you see me on one of these walks I'll probably be with my head on the clouds or with a serious look. Don’t worry I'm just thinking very hard about something - hopefully a new project. I like to think of myself as a friendly and positive person that loves to meet new people – so feel free to come and say HI!

Since I was a little kid, I fall in love with things very easily… That’s why my career path has had some twists and turns, giving me the chance to explore new things such as cooking, illusionism, and even podcasting. I love to explore and to try out new things, so this year as a DCA I'm hoping to work on several (and hopefully very different and challenging) projects.

Even though I am not a big social media user, you can find me on Instagram @clockworkinanorange.