Five reasons to attend an Online Open Day at Lancaster University

by Joao

Hi, I’m Joao, Seeing as visiting the universities you’re interested in isn’t possible at the moment, and you might be thinking "why should I bother with an Online Open Day?". I’m hoping this article will help answer that question, and encourage you to make the most out of the Online Open Day resources available.

1. Get to know our unique campus.

Our campus is constantly changing. As the years pass and the necessities of our students evolve, we try to keep up with their needs. With its constant renovation and growth, the Bailrigg Campus is now almost a small town in its own right, occupying a beautiful 560-acre parkland. By taking a virtual tour around our home, you will get the chance to explore our nine colleges and the different types of accommodation provided by each; our top-arch sports facilities; our diverse shops; all the different places you can relax in, and the school you might want to attend! This way, you will know your way around campus once you have the chance to visit us in person.

You can book a live online tour as part of our Online Open Day

2. Learn the details of your course.

At our Online Open Days, you get a chance to interact with your lecturers, professors and students currently on your course. They're here to give you an overview of what you can expect to learn, but you can expect them to touch on the details too. That way you can get a good picture of what it's really like to study your chosen subject.

Subject talks are happening throughout our online open days, for more details check out the schedule.

3. Talk to us!

Along with presentations and information sessions, we want to make sure you can ask all the questions you might have. As well as being able to chat and question different members of our staff, you will also get the chance to talk with several of our students. After all, University is not just essays and coursework! This way you will be able to get an authentic overview of the student life at Lancaster and get honest answers to all your questions. You could ask them what it's like to study at Lancaster, or chat to them about where the best coffee in town; anything that helps you make your decision!

Chats will be taking place throughout our Online Open Days, but if you can't wait head over to Unibuddy to talk with staff and students any time.

4. Answers about the big stuff

You might have some concerns about applying and coming to University, it can be a scary process… but we're here to talk you through it all. Our number one priority is for you to feel comfortable, so at our Online Open Day, we make sure you get all the answers to all your questions from the people who know it best. We have sessions running on finance, the application process, accommodation; the big stuff.

Take a look at our schedule to find out about the sessions we're offering at our Online Open Days.

5. Find out about our amazing city

Another great reason to come to one of our Online Open Days is to get to know more about the City of Lancaster, after all, if you join us that will be as part of your life as campus. We'll share a bit of an overview about the city and what it's like to live here, our city is filled with history and stories and we can't wait to share all the reasons we love it with you.