Cleaning items


During term time, cleaning staff normally work on weekday mornings (except during certain bank/public/University holidays) and provide the following services:

  • internal cleaning to residences
  • servicing of academic/teaching space and offices
  • servicing and preparation of rooms for conferences and guest rooms
  • window, signage and specialist cleaning services

Please note, that should members of the cleaning staff be absent from work there may be a reduced service.

Internal cleaning of residences

Cleaning staff normally visit residences each day though they do not enter bedrooms when students are in residence. Information on the services provided is supplied in each student kitchen and on the Residents' Handbook webpage.

Cleaning Staff will

  • Assist students to keep the accommodation in good condition by cleaning shared areas such as corridors, shower rooms/bathrooms and toilets.
  • Clean the kitchen floor and wipe surfaces if they have been left clear of dishes and food!
  • Take away a specified amount of kitchen rubbish.

Students and Residents should

  • Assist the cleaning staff by removing rubbish bags to the appropriate disposal area, especially at the weekends.
  • Wash up pots, pans, plates and cutlery and clear surfaces
  • Remove waste for recycling

Cleaning Supervisors visit kitchens at regular intervals to check that the cleaners are working to a satisfactory standard, and also to check the general state of student kitchens. There is no cleaning provision to the Townhouses, studio flats, family flats or student houses. These are only cleaned upon vacation. Further information on the cleaning service in residences is available from the Accommodation Managers or can be found in the Residents' Handbook.

Servicing of academic/teaching space and offices

Toilets are cleaned daily from Monday-Friday. Bins are emptied every day in offices, and offices are cleaned once per month. Lecture theatres and seminar rooms are cleaned daily. Cleaning Supervisors regularly visit academic areas to monitor the standard of cleaning.

Servicing and preparation of rooms for conferences and guest rooms

During the Easter and Summer Vacations, residence rooms are used by conference delegates and other visitors attending the University.

Window and Signs Cleaning

A window cleaning contractor works on site cleaning main entrances to all academic and teaching areas. They also clean official University signage. In residences and on the rest of the estate, windows are cleaned externally twice per year and internally once a year. Individual window cleans can be arranged through the Facilities Helpdesk, though such works outside of cyclical cleaning are rechargeable to the requesting department.

Specialist Cleaning

Specialist and one off cleaning requests can be arranged via the Facilities Helpdesk. These can include high level cleaning, carpet cleaning or additional cleaning for special events. Please note a recharge may be applicable.

Miscellaneous Services

Feminine Hygiene

Sanitary bins are replaced monthly. Please log any complaints via the Facilities Helpdesk.

Roller Towels

Roller towels supplies are checked daily, and replenished as necessary by Facilities, Operations staff. Towel machines are repaired and/or replaced by Maintenance. Should a towel need replacing or a towel machine be faulty then please report it via the Facilities Helpdesk.

Toilet Tissue

Cleaners clean toilets in campus areas daily and replenish stocks of toilet roll on that basis. This also applies to residences with shared facilities. Residences with en-suite or studio apartments do not have toilet rolls provided. If toilet roll supplies in your area are low, please report it via the Facilities Helpdesk.