30 June 2016
The decision by the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union is one of the most dramatic decisions taken in recent years. The decision has undoubtedly created a degree of uncertainty, not least because it will take several years for the full implications of this to be resolved.

Lancaster University Law School is a truly global law school. We have students from across the world and we are proud to have a large cohort of EU students. Whilst the future is still being worked out, it is important to note that there will be no immediate consequences for EU students. Current students will continue their programme of study on exactly the same terms as you are now. Incoming students for 2016/17 will also be treated in exactly the same way. The UK government has confirmed that funding arrangements will remain the same for the duration of your studies.

The negotiations that will now take place may have some effects although Universities will be pushing both the UK government and EU to ensure that there is a strong collaboration in education. The United Kingdom is leaving the EU but not Europe. There will continue to be many opportunities for European students to study in the UK.

Lancaster University Law School will do all it can to help you during these uncertain times. We continue to welcome EU students for 2016/17. We provide a friendly, diverse and academically rigorous environment. This will not change. Lancaster University Law School is proud of its students, its alumni and its research. Our graduates and our work are to be found throughout Europe and the rest of the world and this will continue. We look forward to you remaining part of our journey.

Further information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at - http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/study/eu-referendum-faq/