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Parents and Supporters

Are you supporting someone who's applying to university? This guide for parents and supporters gathers together the information you need about Lancaster University, the key milestones in the university application process, useful tips and resources.

Why do students choose Lancaster University?

As a parent, you want peace of mind knowing where your child will be studying for their degree.

Lancaster University is consistently recognised as one of the leading universities in the UK. We rank 1st in the North and 8th in England in the National Student Survey, along with 5th for value for money and 14th for job prospects in the Student Crowd Awards. We pride ourselves on providing our students with the best university experience, ensuring they feel supported throughout their studies and beyond.

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Things you need to know

  • Financial Support

    Funding concerns should not be a barrier to a student applying to University. Find out more about scholarship, bursary and other funding opportunities here.

  • Student Wellbeing

    For more information on our Student Mental Health Service, Disability and Inclusive Practice Service, transitioning to university support and many other services provided for the benefit of our students' wellbeing, health and happiness during their time at university.

  • Safety and Security

    Lancaster University places high importance on the safety of our students, staff and visitors alike. Visit our campus security page to learn more about how we make our students feel safe and secure during their studies.

  • Accommodation

    All you need to know about the extensive range of accommodation offered across our nine colleges as well as in the city centre.

  • Confidentiality

    How student confidentiality affects the information we can disclose

One Step at a Time

Familiarise yourself with a student's application process

For a student, the application process for university can sometimes be a little stressful or overwhelming, and they will look to you to help them through this process. See below some key milestones to help familiarise yourself with the various stages of a student's application.

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What is it like starting at Lancaster University?

Starting university and moving away from home is a big step, with its own challenges and opportunities.

We asked some of our students about their experiences when they started at Lancaster, how they coped and the support they received.

Student Experiences

Useful quick links for Parents and Supporters

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Coming to Visit?

Check our range of guest accommodations available when coming to visit your student on campus.

Guest Bedrooms