Parent Comments

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  • Pre-School has been very good for my children.  They are very committed, making sure all children feel settled, happy and always finding ways to challenge them.  They are extremely organised, which means the children are always well attended to.  Personally, I always feel like my children are the sole concern of all the staff, but somehow they manage to do the same for all children!
  • The Pre-School Centre is amazing
  • We are extremely happy with the individualised care given to our child at the Pre-School Centre.
  • We have been extremely impressed with how the staff provide exceptional care.  My child is so lucky to go to such a well organised, caring and professional nursery.  Every effort is made to entertain and provide exciting development and play opportunities for children.
  • Fantastic place full of fantastic people - could not ask for better for my boys.
  • The Pre-School is fantastic, they are professional and friendly and provide good help and support on parenting and have given me some really helpful ideas.
  • The culture of the Pre-School is excellent and staff are fantastic.
  • Fantastic environment for both educational and social skills learning.  Staff are always friendly towards parents and children alike.  Plenty of varied activities indoors and out and useful updates on these activities during the day on the app.  It's usually easy enough to get my child off to sleep at night as he's been so active during the day, so that deserves a big thumbs up!!


January 2019