31 March 2017
This book brings leading theorists of practice together to provide a fresh set of theoretical impulses for the surge of practice-focused studies currently sweeping across the social disciplines.

Co-edited by Allison Hui, Theodore Schatzki and Elizabeth Shove, the book addresses key issues facing practice theory, expands practice theory’s conceptual repertoire, and explores new empirical terrain. With each intellectual move, it generates further opportunities for social research. The book’s chapters offer new approaches to analysing connections within the nexus of practices, to exploring the dynamics and implications of the constellations that practices form, and to understanding people as practitioners that carry on practices. Topics examined include social change, language, power, affect, reflection, large social phenomena, and connectivity over time and space. Contributors counter claims that practice theory cannot handle large phenomena and that it ignores people. They develop practice theoretical ideas in dialogue with other forms of social theory, illustrated and informed by empirical cases and examples.

The Nexus of Practices will quickly become an important point of reference for future practice-focused research in the social sciences.

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