Terms and conditions for students

The following documents contain the terms and conditions for students. In registering to become a student of Lancaster University you are accepting these terms and conditions and they will form part of your contract.

Please note that the University has updated the contract terms for students for the academic year 2021-22. This is an administrative change to provide a single more consolidated record of the formal aspects of students’ relationship with the University and does not fundamentally change the terms and conditions themselves. Go to the updated terms and conditions for students.

Important terms to note:

  • Every student of Lancaster University becomes liable for the full sessional tuition fee upon registration.
  • Tuition fees are not normally refunded to or in respect of a student who withdraws or is excluded during the session.
  • Lancaster University reserves the right not to grant a degree, diploma or certificate where academic fees are still owing to the university. Primarily this constitutes tuition fees, but the University reserves the right to deem other unpaid academic related fees as academic debt.

A short key terms document is available and all students and applicants are encouraged to read this.


Fees and fee setting (including refunds)

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate Taught
  • Postgraduate Research
  • Undergraduate Withdrawal and Tuition Fee Policy
  • Postgraduate Tuition Fee and Withdrawal Policy
  • Refund and Reimbursement Policy


The University’s Admissions Policy summarises Lancaster University’s policy on undergraduate and postgraduate admissions to full-time and part-time degree programmes, including routes for feedback and complaints. Further information is available in the Admissions Policy and the Applicant Appeals, Complaints and Feedback Policy.

Student discipline regulations

All students are required to act within the Student Discipline Regulations of the University which are subject to UK laws but take precedence over any other University code of practice, charter or rules.

The manual of academic regulations and procedures

The academic quality management framework described in this manual and the regulations and procedures contained, or referenced, in it apply to all categories of students, all academic programmes, and all types of award except where special regulations have been approved through the appropriate channels for specific types of provision, programmes, awards or for specific groups of students.

Guidance on revisions to programmes and modules

Guidance on the definitions and processes associated with minor and major revisions to programmes and modules.

Students' charter

Central to the mission of Lancaster University is a strong and productive partnership between students and staff. Your University and Students’ Union have worked together on a Students’ Charter to articulate this relationship and the standards to which the University and its students aspire.

Membership of Lancaster University Students' Union

All students become members of Lancaster University Students' Union by default at registration. Students may choose to opt out of membership by writing to the Director of Strategic Planning and Governance.

Students' Union Articles of Association and Code of Practice between Lancaster University and Lancaster University Student.

The University undertakes forward planning and, ordinarily, where a decision is taken to cease providing a course or module, or to withdraw from provision at a particular location, registered students currently on course will be taught to the conclusion of their studies and/or consulted on the change. However, the Office for Students requires the University to publish an approved Student Protection Plan to ‘preserve the continuation and quality of study for all of the provider’s students whenever a risk to the continued study of students crystallises’. You can find Lancaster’s current approved plan by following the link above.

Data processing by third parties

Lancaster University uses third-party organisations to provide some of its information systems services for students. In some cases, this may involve sharing the minimum required personal data with these third parties to enable their provision of service to students.

Full details of the way in which the University uses your data are available in our Student Privacy Notice.

Other contracts

As a student, you may choose to enter into other contracts with the University. Examples of such contracts include our:

Student complaints

Registered students can access the complaints procedure which is outlined on the Student Complaints page.

Your consumer rights

Further guidance on your consumer rights as a student are on the Students' Consumer Rights page.