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Beyond Your First Year

For second and third-year students, the Department offers an extensive range of over thirty modules that includes both short term-length modules and the third-year Special Subjects.

After your first year you can choose to focus on a particular period, theme or region or to develop a breadth of chronological and geographical knowledge.

Your module options will include British, European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern history, from the ancient world to the twenty-first century.

These modules emerge from the research expertise of academic staff in the department. You will be taught by leaders in the field of critical historical research.

Beyond Lancaster, there are opportunities to study abroad. You can apply to spend a year at a university in United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore or New Zealand, or one of our partner institutions in Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna or Copenhagen. There are also opportunities to undertake shorter-term study, travel and voluntary work in China, India, Ghana and Malaysia.

Grishma Bijukumar
Grishma Bijukumar

A student's view: "I liked the diversity of modules"

Hi, my name is Grishma and I will be enrolling in my third, and final, year of my History degree at Lancaster this October.

I chose to study History at Lancaster because of the welcoming atmosphere I felt during the Open Day, both from the University and the History Department. I liked the diversity of modules offered by the department.

This year the courses I took went through a long historical timeline. They were very fun and developed my historical understanding significantly. The modules I took this year were on the Crusades, Trans- Atlantic Slavery, Cold War, Gandhi and the End of Indian Empire, Norman England and the Vietnam War.

The module that I enjoyed most was the Crusades; it made me understand history from a variety of different perspectives, something that I found beneficial to my understanding of history as a discipline. As a result, I have chosen, ‘From Rebellion to Revolution: The War of the Throne 1199- 1265’ as my third-year Special Subject, and am really looking forward to it.

I have also been an Academic Rep for second-year students this year and I have successfully achieved the Silver Standard as part of the University’s Academic Representation Development Scheme. Being an Academic Rep has been a highlight of my year. I have got to know several members of staff within the department really well and have enjoyed providing and discussing feedback from students in my year to academic staff.

Grishma Bijukumar, second-year student

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