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Study Abroad

Our undergraduate historians have the opportunity to study abroad at one of our many partner universities overseas.

Lancaster is a truly international university, with students and staff from over 100 different countries and partner institutions around the world.

Your global experience is about living and learning with people from different cultures whether through your course, your college or Lancaster University Students’ Union. You’ll be able to access horizon-expanding opportunities around the world, with exciting possibilities ranging from short vacation travel to longer study abroad options.

On our 4-year study abroad degrees you spend your third year studying at one of our international partner universities. You will be able to forge friendships and develop international networks with students while studying at leading universities worldwide. In Europe, we currently partner with the Free University of Amsterdam, Free University of Berlin, KU Leuven in Belgium, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Vienna. You will be taught in English, while still being able to benefit from language-learning opportunities. Further afield, we currently partner with universities in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Find out more about our students' study-abroad experiences below.

Photo of Harvey Soteriou
Harvey Soteriou

I love Berlin, but had not spent a great deal of time there – so when I saw that it was an option for study abroad, I knew I wanted to go.

I chose to study abroad as I love travelling, and the thought of being able to experience the history of another country as part of my degree was thoroughly exciting to me! I love Berlin, but had not spent a great deal of time there – so when I saw that it was an option for study abroad, I knew I wanted to go.

Freie University offered a varied course with a lot of opportunity to choose modules from outside of History - this was definitely my favourite part of the experience. I studied a wide variety of content, from the presentation of Medieval History on screen, to German Politics from the country’s origin to the present date. Getting to travel around Berlin was also fantastic; the University’s ID card doubled as a free travel card, so I was able to spend days that I wasn’t in class experiencing all that Berlin had to offer.

The most valuable thing that study abroad contributed to my degree was a broadening of my horizons. Studying in an entirely different academic setting allowed me to experience new ways to write about history. It was certainly challenging in places, but I think it equipped me for the difficulties of third year… as well as giving me friendships and experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise!

Harvey Soteriou, Final-year History student, 2022

I studied at the University of Wollongong, Australia

Studying abroad is a great way to give yourself a university experience that you will never forget. In my second year of university, I studied at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Wollongong is a small beach city located south of Sydney on the east coast of Australia. It provided the perfect location for my study abroad as it was a small city with close connects to Sydney, so it was the perfect base for travelling!

The Politics and History modules that I studied abroad gave me access to content that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to, including Australian politics and Aboriginal history. Yet my time abroad wasn’t all about studies - I was able to make a new group of friends from all around the world and even travel so some of the most amazing and unforgettable places including the Great Barrier Reef!

With a great Global Experiences and History department to keep me up-to-date with what I should be doing during my time abroad, there was no need to worry about feeling unprepared on my return to Lancaster for my final year of studies.

If you’re looking for a unique experience to enhance your career prospects and university time, then you should choose to study abroad!

Maneesha Kanwar, Final-year History and Politics student, 2018

Maneesha Kanwar
Maneesha Kanwar
Lucy Curtis
Lucy Curtis

Copenhagen is an amazing, multi-faceted city: from the colourful streets in Nyhavn to the bright lights of Tivoli.

I thought long and hard about whether to study abroad and can say without any hesitation it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After spending a year in the Danish capital, it is easy to see why it is considered one of the happiest nations in the world. Copenhagen is an amazing, multi-faceted city: from the colourful streets in Nyhavn to the bright lights of Tivoli. But what will stay with me the most are the people who were without exception helpful, charming and engaging (as well as speaking the most amazing English!).

I shared a flat with two Australians, an American, a Czech, and a Dane, which in itself was a great experience. I left a year later with five great friends amongst many others. Copenhagen is a brilliant hub for travel. Sweden was just a 30-minute train ride away from where I lived and there are plenty of affordable travel links which I used to explore much of Scandinavia and the Netherlands. It’s a city where you really must cycle and if I was to give one piece of advice: buy a bike! The University encourages you to learn and travel with organised day excursions to places like Kronborg Castle, Ladby and Dragør in order to expand your appreciation and understanding of this fascinating country.

There is a vast array of history modules (taught in perfect English) and in state-of-the-art facilities in a university renowned for pioneering research. The academic and learning opportunities at the University of Copenhagen were first class and, coupled with the great support network in the History Department at Lancaster, I am well prepared for the last year of my degree.

Although this experience will be great for my future career prospects it was also about enjoying myself, embracing a new culture and personal growth. It is an opportunity that I will treasure looking back over my time at University.

Lucy Curtis, Final-year History student, 2018

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