Campus accommodation block

Terms & Conditions

of residence in Lancaster University Accommodation

Please read the Agreement Summary and these terms and conditions before Accepting the Agreement Summary.


In Accepting this Agreement, you agree to abide FULLY by these terms and conditions, which include paying for the FULL CONTRACTUAL PERIOD. If you don’t take up your Accommodation once you have Accepted, your deposit will NOT be refunded.

If there is anything you do not understand or wish to discuss e.g. a disability, allergy or other special requirement, please contact your Accommodation Manager BEFORE Accepting this Agreement.

GUIDANCE NOTE: Words commencing with a capital letter have the specific meanings set out in the glossary in Schedule 1.


Your Obligations


Our Obligations


Procedure for Breach

By you or your visitors of your obligations.


Temporary exclusion of your right to occupy the Accommodation for serious breach




Terminating the contract for serious breach


Other reasons for the University terminating the contract


Notice of termination and/or relocation




Schedule One: Glossary & Interpretation

1: Words used in the Agreement Summary and in these Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:


2: In these terms and conditions “you” means the person signing the Agreement and “we” and “University” means Lancaster University. The expressions “your” “our” and “us” should be read in the same way.

3: The Agreement is between the University and yourself only, and third parties have no right to enforce it under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Schedule Two: Payment of Accommodation Fees

Payment Deadlines

You must pay your accommodation fee before the due dates as set out on your invoice. Late payment without prior agreement results in late payment charges.

If you pay in one instalment you should pay by Friday 7 October 2022.

If you pay termly the deadlines are Friday 7 October 2022, Friday 13 January 2023 and Friday 21 April 2023.

If you have a 50 week contract the final payment is due by Friday 14 July 2023.


Appendix: Charges

A schedule of representative costs for missing or broken items, household goods, repairs and cleaning can be found on our damage charges page.

Prices are intended to be indicative of the cost of repair or replacement of the items, and all include VAT. Damage for any items not listed will be charged as per the invoice issued.

The cost of damage or cleaning in shared areas may be split between all residents where, following reasonable investigation, joint liability is established.

Where any part of any room requires cleaning, the advertised costs represent the minimum costs for extra cleaning. There may be occasions where the condition of an area is such that it requires the services of an external contractor, and this work will be charged at the contractor’s costs, plus VAT, plus administration.


Make sure you fill in the electronic room inventory provided at the start of the year, and also the one relating to your communal areas. If we don’t receive these back completed we will assume that everything is present and correct, and you will be held liable for any damages at the end of the year.

If something is damaged or broken during your stay, please report it to your Accommodation Manager when it happens. We can arrange for it to be repaired/replaced, and ascertain whether a charge will be levied.