Astrophysics Seminar

Tuesday 20 March 2018, 2:00pm to 3:00pm


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Tensions and extensions of the standard cosmological model

The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) temperature and polarization anisotropy measurements from the Planck mission have significantly improved previous constraints on the neutrino masses, as well as the bounds on extended models.In this talk firstly I will show the recent constraints from cosmology for the neutrino sector, by considering several combination of datasets. In particular, I will show how the inclusion of additional low redshift priors is mandatory in order to sharpen the CMB neutrino bounds, and that we are close to test the neutrino mass hierarchy with existing cosmological probes.Finally, I will present cosmological constraints in a significantly extended scenario, varying up to 12 cosmological parameters simultaneously, by looking for a new concordance model that should solve at the same time all the current tensions between the Planck data and the new direct measurements of the Hubble constant by Riess et al. 2016 and the parameters from weak lensing surveys.


Eleonora Di Valentino University of Manchester

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Name Dr Steven Williams