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Fulbright Award

For US citizens applying for master's study in the UK.

At a glance

Study level Master's-level postgraduate taught students
Fee status International students from United States of America (about fee status)
Year of entry 2024
Based on Successful application
Amount Full fees, up to £5,000 per year living costs
How to apply

Apply via the Fulbright Commission website

In detail

The Fulbright US Student programme offers funding to US citizens to support individually designed study and research projects. As part of the Award, students gain a full cultural experience; meeting, working, living with and learning from people in the UK.

Fulbright encourages direct interaction on an individual basis across all aspects of life so that recipients gain an appreciation of others’ viewpoints, beliefs, and experiences. They interact in an atmosphere of openness, academic integrity, and intellectual freedom, thereby promoting mutual understanding.

There are two types of Fulbright Awards available:

  • The All Discipline Awards, which apply to any master's or doctoral degree at any recognised UK university.
  • The Fulbright Lancaster University Award in STEM, which applies to Master's degrees offered by our Faculty of Science and Technology.

Visit the Fulbright website for more detail, eligibility information and application guidance.

Visit the Fulbright website

More information

Our admissions team can help with questions about scholarships and bursaries as well as other general enquiries about applying to Lancaster University.

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