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Study Abroad

Choosing to study at Lancaster will give you the opportunity to study at one of our partner universities overseas.  

Places to chose from

Our students usually embark on this adventure in their second year, after indicating interest during their first year of study. There are lots of countries to choose from and in the past our students have visited highly regarded Universities such as those below, as part of the study abroad scheme. 


  • USA
    • University of Binghamton, New York State 
    • University of Nebraska, Lincoln 
    • University of Missouri - St Louis 
    • University of New Hampshire 
    • North Carolina State University
  • Canada
    • Carleton University 
    • McMaster University
  • Australia
    • Monash University
  • New Zealand
    • University of Waikato
  • Vacation Travel

    If studying abroad for a year isn’t right for you, our Global Experiences Team puts together a Vacation Travel Programme, with visits to countries around the world, including some visits supported by our overseas campuses and partners. 

Eleanor Clist

Eleanor Clist

I decided to do a year abroad in Australia because I had always wanted to live abroad and the opportunity to do it while studying seemed perfect. I learned a lot during my visit - about being independent, about Australian history and culture, and about how celebrity adverts in Australian media are completely different from what we see in the UK. Now that I’m back, these different cultural experiences have been really helpful in my seminars and coursework. The study abroad teams I worked with were just the best people to contact and were really helpful if there was any confusion with modules.

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