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Study Abroad

Choosing a study abroad degree at Lancaster will give you the opportunity to study at one of our partner universities overseas.

A study abroad degree offers you an exciting opportunity to spend your third year studying at one of our partner universities in another country. You will be able to develop knowledge related to your major and benefit from new social and cultural experiences.

In the past our students have visited highly regarded Universities such as those below.  While we cannot guarantee which partner you might be able to visit, we make every effort to match students to a destination with approved, subject-specific modules. Occasionally places overseas may not be available for all students who want to study abroad or the place at the partner university may be withdrawn if core modules are unavailable. If you are not offered a place to study overseas, you will be able to transfer to the equivalent standard 3-year degree scheme and would complete your studies at Lancaster.


Erin Thomas

Erin Thomas, BA Hons Sociology 2019

Studying abroad was an experience I’ll never forget. I studied in Ottawa and I would do it all again even in spite of the -30 degree weather! I ice skated to my lectures-crazy, I know! The experience made me curious and helped me to accept different cultures and ways of being. The modules gave me access to topics I wouldn’t have otherwise studied; I learnt about Canada’s indigenous people and criminal justice system. Most memorably, I got to be part of the cheerleading team and train with professional coaches. I met new friends on the course and got to travel, it was such a unique experience.

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