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Postgraduate Accommodation

Lancaster University offers a wide range of postgraduate accommodation to suit different preferences and budgets. We have been rated the UK's 'Best University Halls' eight times since 2010 at the annual National Student Housing Awards.

Take a look at what's available and what you can expect below.


  • What are my options?

    Most postgraduates will live in single-study accommodation within the Graduate College, which is located on Alexandra Park (south-west campus). Other single/shared flats, as well as our couple and family accommodation, is located around the wider campus. As a postgraduate though, wherever you live you are a member of the Graduate College and have access to all postgraduate facilities.

    Two thirds of our accommodation are en suite but we also offer ‘standard’ accommodation where students share WC/shower facilities, campus townhouses, and even self-contained studios.

  • Am I guaranteed a room?

    If you are a taught postgraduate starting in October 2021 we guarantee a place in accommodation owned, managed or approved by Lancaster University if you apply for accommodation prior to 31 July.

    This will normally be a University-managed room in Graduate College, but when demand is high we will direct you to private-sector accommodation approved by Lancaster University Homes.

    While we are unable to guarantee postgraduate research students accommodation you are welcome to apply to us. We are also unable to guarantee accommodation for students whose course runs for less than 9 months or starts later than October, but you may contact us for details of vacancies during the year.

  • What if I have to study away for part of the year?

    This will affect the accommodation we offer – check with your department and let us know if this is the case when you apply.

  • What is the community like in Graduate College?

    We house over 1000 students in the Graduate College. There are many different nationalities who choose to live with us, so you can expect to live with a diverse group of students from all round the world. Take a look at the Graduate College website for more information.

  • What if I have a disability or special requirement?

    We can prioritise your application for accommodation if you provide us with information about a disability or impairment, so please do notify us of any special circumstances regarding disabilities, medical conditions and allergies when you apply. You should advise us about any such needs as early as possible to maximise the possibility of us finding a suitable room.  You may wish to view details about adapted rooms for students with disabilities here.

  • How big are the beds?

    Unless you’re in one of the flats or a self-contained studio our beds are all single size, measuring 900mm wide by 1900 or 2100mm in length. If you are particularly tall, please tell us in the additional notes field of the online application form.

  • What's the cost?

    That depends on what type of room you have, but the weekly rates can be found within each option listed below. Prices listed apply to 2021/22 except the single/family flats where an increase is pending.

    All accommodation fees are inclusive of heating, electricity, wired and wireless internet and campus security. Your possessions are also insured up to the value of £10,000. More details can be found on the Cover4Students website.

    A basic cleaning service is included for all shared areas in our halls of residence such as kitchens, shared shower rooms and corridors, though you will need to clean your own room! There is no cleaning service in the studio apartments, family flats or townhouses.

  • Will I need to cook for myself?

    All accommodation in Graduate College is self-catered but there are plenty of places to eat nearby.

    The University also operates the Freedom Card scheme, which offers students an easy way to enjoy discounted food in campus outlets at their convenience.

  • Can I live with my family?

    The Graduate College also manages limited campus accommodation for families, though we cannot guarantee that this will be available. You can find out more about your options on the Families page, or consider renting in the private sector via Lancaster University Homes.

  • Is there a contract?

    Yes, postgraduate accommodation is let on a 50-week contract as most postgraduate courses run for this length of time. You may apply for a 40-week contract in specific one-bedroom accommodation located in the Graduate College area only. If we are unable to offer you this, we will offer a 50-week contract instead.

  • How do I pay the accommodation fees?

    Around a week before you arrive you will be sent an invoice by email. This details your accommodation fees and their due dates, the first of which will normally be a few days after the contract start date. Please keep it safe as it will only be sent out once. You should note the due dates and be sure to make the payment in time, or speak with your Accommodation Manager in advance if ever you encounter problems.

  • Are there any other charges to pay?

    We certainly hope there aren't and aim to return everyone's deposit in full at the end of the year.

    There will be students however that lose their keys or break a mirror, or leave their room dirty when they leave. These are chargeable damages but avoidable with a little care. You can find out more about cleaning and damages charges here.

  • How about city accommodation?

    Of course, some students prefer life in the historic city of Lancaster itself. If you're looking for help and advice on renting accommodation off-campus you can find it, along with a searchable list of University-approved properties, on the Lancaster University Homes website.

  • What if I'm attending a pre-sessional course beforehand?

    If you are attending one of the study skills and English language courses in July or September you will be housed with other students attending the course for its duration. You will then move into your permanent room at the end of the pre-sessional course. Please be aware that we can only offer a single room for the duration of these courses. 

  • Is there anything else I should know?

    If we can’t offer you a room in Graduate College you may be referred to another part of the campus or to Lancaster University Homes. You should also note that the accommodation will be closed for cleaning and maintenance immediately before the start of your tenancy, and it will not be possible to move in earlier than the date set out on your contract. Please check this before making travel plans.

    Applicants are advised that the campus is being invested in and that as such, there may be building work ongoing near to some of the accommodation. See the Facilities estates web page for details of current projects.

Accommodation timeline

As an incoming postgraduate you will be invited to apply for accommodation from March in the year you are due to start. We will contact all students that have accepted a place on a course by email, inviting them to create an account and submit an application. This process will continue throughout the summer as more students accept places.

We will send your offer of accommodation by email and ask that you log back into your online account to view the details and accept or reject it. This offer will reflect the best match to the preferences you express in your application and you will have seven days to consider it. If we don't hear back from you within that time we will be unable to hold the room, so please make sure that you have regular access to your email account.

Please note that demand for rooms is high and that if you choose to reject our offer we will be unable to make an alternative.

When you click to accept the offer you are accepting the terms and conditions of the contract as presented to you at the time. You will also be directed to secure the room by paying a £200 deposit, refundable at the end of the contract providing no deductions have been made.

The contract you accept is legally binding, and sets down the conditions of the agreement between yourself and the University. You cannot be released from it, and will be obliged to pay all accommodation fees relating to it. You must therefore budget carefully, making sure you have enough money to manage during your time in Lancaster. Please make sure you understand this completely before applying for or accepting a room.

In the lead up to your arrival date we will be in touch with your invoice and information about collecting your keys.

Please note that we don't issue room numbers in advance.

Our range of room types