Containers located on South West Campus for the Circular Resource Hub

Don't Ditch It - Donate It

Better for everyone

The Don't Ditch It Project promotes the concept of Circular Economy by providing collection points across campus for students and staff to donate unwanted household items. By working with over 40 charities during summer vacation, we divert around 45 tonnes from landfill each year.

Benefiting the environment

Students leaving at the end of the academic year is a huge operation and represents a large proportion of the University's annual waste. The Don't Ditch It project aims to reduce waste by diverting unwanted items to a network of local and nationwide charities; ultimately reusing items that might otherwise reach landfill.

Funding future projects

Any products that are uncollected can be sold at our ECOShop. The shop opens at the beginning of each academic year and sells the second-hand household items from the previous years donations and a hugely discounted prices. So the donations you make help future students out. Last year ECOShop sold three and a half tonnes of various items and the money raised contributed to the cost of running the project this year.

Promoting a circular economy

The Don't Ditch It Project works on the principles of Circular Economy by promoting sustainable consumption and providing a service which enables the reuse or selling on of items when people finish with them.

Diverting from landfill

On average, 45 tonnes of household items are diverted from landfill each year. Some of the most common items include bedding, clothing, books and kitchen utensils.

Ready to donate?

Click the link to view a map of our donation points and more information, including the items we can and can't accept.

Important information

Take a closer look

Of the 45 tonnes of household items we sort through each year, the amount of bedding that is disposed of stand out the most. Bedding is difficult to store and transport, which is probably why we receive so much of it. It is collected an distributed to a number of charities and goes towards a number of worthy causes, including helping the homeless.

43.6% Bedding, textiles and luggage
18.8% Kitchen and food
8.7% Books and media
11.5% Furniture
2.6% Electrical goods (WEEE)
14.8% Miscellaneous
ECOShop logo over a background of spoons and cutlery in a tray

Introducing the ECOShop

The ECOShop is set up in Aleandra Square, right in the heart of campus, at the beginning of each academic year. The shop takes left over items from the Don't Ditch It containers to sell at bargain prices to new or returning students. The profit generated from the sale of these goods gets put straight back in to the next Don't Ditch It Project, meaning that the project can continue on, helping students stretch their cash for years to come.