Tree management project to take place across campus to remove trees in poor condition

Students walking through woodland.

From Monday 22 April until Friday 26 April, tree and vegetation clearance works will take place across some green spaces on southwest campus. The works will include the removal of some trees and the clearance of several areas of woodland; however any loses will be replanted in other locations.

This is the latest stage of on ongoing scheme of tree management works currently taking place across campus in support of the Woodland Management Plan, a strategic level framework for the management of the existing and newly planted trees and woodlands within the estate. The works will involve a number of tree management activities, including tree felling.

Trees will only be felled in instances were there have been identified as having concerns over their health, vitality, and safety. The majority of tree felling activities are related to Ash trees being impacted by Ash Dieback, otherwise known as Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, a chronic fungal disease characterised by leaf loss and crown dieback. Over time this impacts on the structural integrity of the tree making them unsafe and liable to failure.

Trees on campus are continually monitored by the Facilities Grounds teams and will only be subject to removal when necessary, and when they have reached a condition where they require removal due safety concerns.

Lancaster University is committed to cultivating a rich, biodiverse, and ecologically secure woodland landscape on campus. Between October 2023 and March 2024, the Facilities Grounds team will have planted more than 1,000 new woodland trees and 80,000 seasonal bulbs across campus, improving woodland cover and helping to further improve local biodiversity.

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