Declan Lloyd

Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

I completed my PhD in English Literature at Lancaster in 2020 and currently teach on various modules across the Literature, Sociology, History and LICA departments at Lancaster. My first monograph, Authors and Art Movements of the Twentieth Century: Painterly Poetics, was published by Routledge in late 2022, and I am currently in the final stages of my second monograph entitled The Art of Orality: Cultural Aesthetics in the Absence of Writing. I am also editor, alongside Warren Mortimer, of the forthcoming collection of essays Digressions in Deep Time: Ecocritical Approaches to Literature and the Arts, published in Lexington's 'Ecocritical Theory and Practice' series. My current principle research interests are:

1. Exploring how art and literary movements engage and intersect throughout history

2. Considering how theories of orality and literacy can be used as a means to illuminate the world of visual art, with particular interest in the theoretical work of Walter J. Ong, Jack Goody and Eric Havelock.

3. Exploring representations of deep time within literature and the arts, with particular interest in ecocritical approaches.