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When the world of business is defined by uncertainty what’s the best strategic move and where are the opportunities? How can we position ourselves to make the most of change and challenge? An Executive MBA gives you the tools to respond to these key questions.

Our two-year programme is tailored to the demands of working professionals, focusing on capability, capacity and knowledge for career progression. Online learning using your workplace as the context is blended with face to face workshops, which take place in convenient three-day blocks.

You will be taught by specialists from our world-class faculty and you’ll benefit from Lancaster University Management School’s recognised strengths in strategy, corporate social responsibility and international business. We use theories as a framework for discussion and collaborative learning is crucial to what we do. Students from diverse backgrounds, roles and sectors share their unique experiences and perspectives as we work in partnership to explore and resolve complex management and business issues.

Applications will open in September 2022 for the next intake of the Lancaster Executive MBA, which will start in September 2023.

Cohort Insights

Hear from four of our Executive MBA participants who share their experiences of the programme, the elements they have found most beneficial so far and the impact they have achieved in their organisations.

Key Facts

Course Content

Discover the structure of learning and core themes you will explore during our two-year Executive MBA programme, with the option to pursue specialist pathways in Leadership, Strategy, Healthcare, Finance or Management. Each module is followed by a practical, work-focused assignment, where you apply and evaluate some of the theories you have just learnt to create actionable recommendations for your organisation.

The next intake of this programme will begin in September 2023. There will be an apprenticeship-levy funded pathway onto the Executive MBA which starts in September 2022

Programme Design

We use theories as a framework for discussion and collaborative learning is crucial to what we do. Students from diverse backgrounds, roles and sectors share their unique experiences and perspectives as we work in partnership to explore and resolve complex management and business issues.

During the programme, you will also have the chance to attend networking events and masterclasses, delivered by leading academics, industry experts and alumni.

Short, intensive teaching blocks

In contrast to many part-time programmes which require regular attendance at evenings or weekends, the teaching at Lancaster is packed into short, intensive modules to help you balance your studies with your other commitments. There will be a number of face-to-face workshops over the two-year programme, each taking place Thursday to Saturday. In addition, your learning will be supplemented with a range of live online workshops and pre-recorded lectures.

These intensive three-day blocks of study help you to minimise time out of work, whilst providing you with a focused period in which you can engage with complex ideas and develop a deeper understanding of the various subject areas. During these sessions, you will develop strong working relationships with staff and members of the cohort which creates a valuable support network to enhance your learning experience.

Work-based assignments

Each module is followed by a practical, work-focused assignment, where you apply and evaluate some of the theories you have just learnt, effectively acting as an internal consultant and generating actionable recommendations for your organisation.

The assignments cover all areas of business operations to engage you with all parts of your own organisation, or if you prefer to use a different organisation as the basis of your study we can make arrangements for this.

Module Dates

  • Introductory Workshop: September 2023
  • Leadership and Organisational Behaviour: September 2023
  • Human Resource Management: November 2023
  • Business Ethics and Sustainability: January 2024
  • Accounting and Finance for Managers: February 2024
  • Managing Strategic Change: April 2024
  • Operations Management: June 2024
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: August 2024
  • Business Economics: September 2024
  • Marketing Management: November 2024
  • Electives: Spring 2025
  • Dissertation: May 2025

Please note, the above workshop dates are subject to change.

Your first year starts with an online induction period and a three-day Introductory Workshop, followed by six core modules. The online induction includes preparatory refresher sessions and pre-reading to rapidly build you subject knowledge, refresh your study skills and create a smooth return to education. During this time, you will start to forge relationships with your fellow participants.

The introductory workshop will give you an introduction to staff, facilities and the programme's central ethos of learning through action. During this, you will begin our unique personal development course and start your module preparation by examining your own beliefs on leading and leadership practice.

The three core modules in year two move from the functional understanding of organisations, to a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing and economic decision making. You also get the chance to focus your study by choosing one of our specialist elective modules before completing your EMBA with a reflective dissertation. See Electives and Dissertation tabs for more details

During your second year, you also get the chance to focus your study by choosing one of our specialist elective modules in either healthcare, leadership, strategy or management. The electives are delivered entirely online, allowing you to work virtually with EMBA students from other locations around the world. Please be aware that minimum numbers of students are needed on electives in order for them to run so we ask you for a first choice and a second choice

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The scholarships available to candidates are substantial and are awarded on a competitive basis. We have several scholarships available of up to £12,500. We recommend applying early for the best chance of securing a scholarship.

Lancaster Masters Scholarship

A tuition fee waiver of up to £12,500 with a Lancaster Masters Scholarship

Health Sector Scholarship Competition

This is a donor scholarship that has been kindly gifted by one of our previous alumni. This competitive award has a single top prize of £5,000. You will need to apply to the Executive MBA programme first before you can apply for this scholarship and you need to be working in the healthcare sector.

We know that increasing leadership development behaviours and skills in healthcare leads to improved patient care, experience and outcomes (The Kings Fund, 2012). Please write an essay of no more than 1,500 words answering the following question:

What are the leadership development opportunities you feel will make a difference to the healthcare sector? How could these be implemented at different levels within your organisation?

In your answer you should draw on at least one leadership theory e.g. authentic leadership, servant leadership etc. to develop your argument. Completed essays should be submitted as part of your application on the applications portal, as well as emailing it to

Entries will be judged by faculty from the Executive MBA and the judge’s decision will be final. The deadline for submissions is 29th October 2021.

Lancaster Graduates

If you're a Lancaster graduate, you are eligible for an additional Alumni Loyalty Scholarship of up to 20% of the programme fees.

A group of students in graduation robes attending the ceremony.

The place to realise your ambitions

As a participant of the Executive MBA, you will benefit from our excellent facilities including flexible teaching spaces, dedicated services such as Careers, and open areas for collaborative or independent study.

Take a look around our brand new five-storey Management School building, a space to think and collaborate with three new lecture theatres, two executive teaching suites and a large atrium. This cutting edge facility provides an inspiring setting for the whole community, with large open spaces designed to enhance collaboration.

What makes the Executive MBA unique?

It's not just our world rankings and clever programme design that make our Executive MBA stand out. Through our expertise in leadership programmes, we've developed core themes to transform your own practice and personal management style. It's a proven route to success, as our EMBA graduates benefit from a new perspective, renewed confidence and the skills to take their career to the next level.

Intelligent Programme Design

We've tailored our Executive MBA programme design to the demands of working professionals, ensuring the optimum work-life balance of short, intensive study sessions and time to implement your learning within your current role. Our beautiful campus location offers an escape from the pressures of the workplace, offering a more focused learning environment with world-class facilities and resources to support you.


Consultancy Challenge

This elective module takes you into new territory, stretching your capacity to think strategically and embedding your learning in practical action. Working together, you will use your complementary skills to find solutions to a live issue for a client organisation and their feedback will form part of the overall assessment. Your experiences in this task will uncover new ways of working which will benefit you and your organisation in the future.

MBAs networking

International Dimension

I was initially drawn to the programme because I felt it was an opportunity to expand my network. The truth is, it was so much more and the programme exceeded my expectations on many levels. The lectures and the company visits were so insightful, it actually felt like a mini MBA. The cultural visits were out of this world and the Great Wall of China was my personal favourite. In short, I made some great friends, crucial contacts and gained a memorable experience. Akhtar Hussein, EMBA student.

China skyline

Study Abroad

We have an established partnership with Peking University in China, where you may have the opportunity to join the full-time MBA elective module "Doing Business in China" for an additional fee. This two-week programme introduces you to the Chinese economy, history and culture, and helps you gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in the Chinese market.

Latest Activity

EMBA Network

A valuable element of the Executive MBA programme is the opportunity to network with experienced fellow professionals from sectors ranging from not-for-profit to large multinationals. This introduces you to fresh perspectives and provides a powerful test-bed for ideas and advice. This interaction continues far beyond the programme, giving you unlimited access to other minds, experiences and professional expertise to continue your learning and development into the future.

Student Profiles

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