Taking the decision to embark on two years of intensive study whilst continuing a senior level role is one of the biggest challenges of a career. It demands a significant commitment of time that can be hard to find in addition to work and home responsibilities. It is therefore essential that you find the Executive MBA course that offers the best fit for your work-life balance while delivering world-class learning in an effective, time-efficient manner.

Integrated implementation

The Lancaster Executive MBA is designed for those who are time-hungry and want to optimise their studying. Block scheduling, with short but intensive modules away from the workplace, has the benefit of focused learning followed by 6-8 week periods for implementation. More information on the learning design can be found in the section on Optimised Learning.

Global recognition

Of course, in addition to intelligent programme design, the quality of the teaching is also vital. Lancaster University Management School has achieved top rankings in the UK for teaching and research for more than a decade. Much of the teaching spans both the EMBA and MBA programmes and all students receive the same MBA qualification. 

Accessible but challenging

Highly regarded, competitively priced, our Executive MBA delivers an excellent return on investment. Designed for those committed to advancing their knowledge and their career, it is intended to be accessible yet demanding. The content of the programme encourages you to re-examine your own practice, enhances your strategic thinking skills and develops your capacity to reflect critically on what works, and why. It includes two specific challenges, the Consultancy Challenge which will particularly test and stretch your capabilities and take you out of familiar territory, and an in-depth seven-month project with Dissertation.

Intensely supportive

The Lancaster EMBA is truly distinctive. Our unique concept of Action learning,which shapes the entire programme design, will benefit your personal development as well as that of your organisation. You will also gain from small class sizes, typically between 25 and 35 students in each cohort, which nurtures a high level of interaction between class members and strong, supportive working relationships. More information on all the resources that are available can be found in the section on Supported Study.


The elective options on the Lancaster EMBA allow you to specialise your study. Each specialism is made up of three electives, the majority of which are delivered entirely online, allowing you to work virtually with EMBA students from our other locations around the world.

The specialisations are:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Healthcare

The Healthcare stream is designed especially for those members of the cohort who work in healthcare, or who are considering a move into healthcare management. This is part of the endorsement of our programme by the NHS Leadership Academy.

One elective is delivered face-to-face – the International Business in Context elective. This is delivered overseas. Students receive talks on the economy, and on different aspects of doing business in the country from faculty, government and business speakers. There are also a number of company visits and cultural experiences. Aspects of all four of our specialisms are covered, allowing you to write your assessment on your specialism and count the international elective in your specialism. Costs for the international module are not covered in the programme fee.

Our advocates

World rankings aside, the greatest proof of the effectiveness of our EMBA programme is the success of our graduates. Read our graduate profiles to see how some of our alumni have used the programme to shape their own careers and the growth of their organisations.