Campus and accommodation accessibility

Campus accessibility

We are continually making improvements to ensure that the campus is as accessible as possible to all students. If you are having difficulty accessing any part of campus or you find that infrastructure (such as desks or teaching spaces) are creating barriers, please get in contact with the Disability Service. We will do everything we can to make sure that reasonable adjustments can be made, where necessary, to prevent barriers to your studies. This information will also help us to plan better in future to incorporate the needs of all students. Accessible parking is available across campus: for one-off visits, Blue Badges will suffice, but for regular parking an Accessible Parking Permit is required. To apply for this permit, please visit the car parking website.

Accessible accommodation

At Lancaster University we have a range of accommodation, including adapted and en suite rooms. As we have a collegiate structure, there is accommodation across the campus. If you have particular accommodation requirements, we recommend that you let us know about this as early as possible before coming to University.

Accessibility on Campus

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