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Global Media Studies

18 July - 9 August 2020

How do we experience and make sense of media in our everyday lives? How might we use media as a platform for social change? This summer school will provide you with an opportunity to think critically about the media around you, and understand the increasingly globalised nature of our everyday media consumption, production and participation. 

Tab Content: Course Overview

Week 1

In the first week you will think about fandom. What media do you love? Why do we invest so much in media texts? Whether it’s Beyoncé, K-Pop, Doctor Who or The Avengers, how do we experience being a media audience? You will also think about how our fandom contributes towards media production through, for example, fan fiction, memes or buying merchandise. You will begin to work in pairs on posters which use critical media theory to reflect on your own fan experiences.

Week 2

This week you will consider the differences between ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ media. Beginning by visiting the BBC studios at MediaCityUK, Manchester, you will go behind the scenes and make your own news or weather bulletin to discover how programmes and news are produced for television. Back in Lancaster, you’ll compare this experience to social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Weibo as spaces for civic participation and campaigning. Putting media theories into practice, you will take part in a workshop where you work in groups to produce your own social media campaign. What change would you like to see in the world?

Week 3

The final week will begin with a trip to London, where you will explore representation and the role of media in our everyday lives. Visiting key tourist sites, such as the Buckingham Palace, you will think about how images of these spaces inform our understanding of Britain. You will tour around London and think about how often we encounter media, where this happens, and how it is engrained in our everyday experiences. Back on campus, we will discuss our trip using key media studies theory.

Intercultural and social experience

Throughout the three weeks, you will be accompanied by Lancaster Student Ambassadors helping you settle into Lancaster, showing you around campus, and answering your questions. They will also lead evening social activities and weekend trips, giving you plenty of chances to make new international friends.

Tab Content: Credits & Assessment

Students who complete this course are awarded 15 LU / 4 US / 8 ECTS credits.

This summer school will be assessed through three methods:
- 10% Create a poster on fandom in pairs
- 30% Group presentation on social media campaigning
- 60% Reflective report (2,000 words) on media engagement

Tab Content: Fees

The 2020 fee of £3,195 covers 

  • tuition
  • ensuite single accommodation (the 2 night stay in London will be in shared rooms)
  • most meals (meals are not provided when away from campus during scheduled overnight trips, e.g. London).

Please note there may be extra living costs, such as if you opt in to additional trips or eat out.

Find the cost breakdown here.

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