Pathway Programmes in India

We offer pathway programmes leading to degrees awarded from Lancaster University.

These are in collaboration with Manipal University in Mangalore

Scholarships of up to 20% fee reduction on the standard international Lancaster University fee are automatically applied to all students who register under the arrangements described below, and who meet our admissions criteria.

2+2 and 2+3 Engineering Programmes

Students on these programmes spend the first two years of their undergraduate degree in Manipal University.

Students will then be awarded a BEng Honours degree from Lancaster University.

In some cases, students can continue on for a further year, spending three years here, to be awarded an MEng degree from Lancaster.

For further information on these programmes please see:

1+2 Biotechnology Programmes

We also have a transfer programme at Manipal University, in India for Biotechnology students leading to a BSc awarded by Lancaster University. In this case, students spend one year of their Bachelor's degree in India and then come to Lancaster for the final two years of the programme. The Lancaster degrees offered, under this arrangement, including Biomedicine, Biochemistry (Genetics and Biomedicine pathways are available) and Biology.

For further information on these programmes please see:

1+1 Double Master's Programme

Students on this programme study for one year of a two-year master’s degree at Manipal University located in either Mangalore or Bangalore, through the Manipal Centre for Information Science, and then come to Lancaster for one full year. Credit is transferred back to Manipal for the second year of study and so therefore students are awarded two master’s degrees, one from Manipal University and the other from Lancaster University. Degrees included in this scheme are in Engineering, Electronics, Computing and Communication Systems.

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