Bike Hire

You can join the scheme for Summer term now by clicking the link below. 

Seure your hire bike now and enjoy all the benefits of cycling this summer. 

Bikes are supplied on a first come, first served basis with a limited number available.

Save money, stay healthy and travel sustainably with the Lancaster University Bike Hire scheme, a low cost alternative to bus travel.

Our bike hire scheme offers Lancaster University students the convenience of cycling without the expense of owning your own bike, or the hassle of cycle maintenance. The bike scheme is designed specifically for Lancaster University students, with a range of bikes available for termly rental throughout the year. All our bikes are professionally maintained at the end of each term, so you can cycle with confidence knowing that your bike has been well taken care of.

What you need to know


A local partnership

The Bike Hire scheme is run in partnership with iCYCLE, a locally based cycle refurbishment business that has supported the University by providing cycles, proficiency training and maintenance. iCYCLE also manage and maintain all hire agreements.

How it works

Our Bike Hire scheme is an easy and affordable way for LU students to rent a bike on a termly basis. Visit the Bike Hire Marquee in Alexandra Square to sign up to the scheme and claim your hire bike for the rest of term. At the end of term you'll be given instructions to return the bike to our on-campus drop-off point..

Missed the marquee?

Just head over to ReStore and ask about the scheme, they can sign you up in no time at all. At the end of term we will remind you to return the bike to our on-campus drop-off point


Bikes are available for a termly price of £60 each, which includes a security and safety pack with items including a non-returnable helmet, hi-vis jacket, set of lights, a puncture repair kit and a Sold Secure rated bike lock. These items are returnable with the bike, but the helmet, if you took one, is yours to keep. Termly rental cost is reduced to £50 if you already have your own helmet.

Rental period

Our bikes are available for rent on a termly basis in Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, and easily reservable for future terms. Bikes are available to rent from the first week of each term, and must be returned by the last week of term to undergo key maintenance and repair work. All bikes are professionally cleaned and maintained at the end of each term.

View the Terms & Conditions

The bike hire scheme is coordinated by I Cycle Limited and you'll need to read and accept their Terms and Conditions when you sign up to the scheme. Take a peek at them now to get a head start.

Terms and Conditions


Bikes are supplied on a first come, first served basis with limited supplies available. Bikes are available to rent from the first week of each term.

Don’t want to hire? Buy a bike at the Big Bike Sale

The Big Bike Sale is held in the Green Lancaster marquee in Alex Square at the start of the academic year. The sale provides students with a low-cost, quick and easy way to travel between campus and the city, whilst helping the University reduce its travel related carbon emissions, which is an important part of the University’s strategy for sustainability.

Big Bike Sale