My Graduation!

by Catherine Brabin, July 2022

Catherine stands, wearing graduation robes, in front of a large sign saying LU.

It’s the end of an era for me! After three years of studying at Lancaster, my hard work has paid off and I have finally graduated with a BA (Hons) in Theatre and English Literature.

This sadly does mean that my days as a Digital Content Ambassador are numbered, and it felt fitting for one of my last blogs to be a documentation of my Graduation process.

So, whether you’re graduating soon, planning, or just interested, read on to get all the ins and outs of how Graduation works at Lancaster University!

Buying tickets and who can attend

Buying tickets for Graduation was a pretty simple process. Ceremonies happen three times a day over a period of about two weeks. The ceremonies are categorised by college and faculty.

This means that you might want to consider changing your college to graduate with your friends. You will receive an email with the dates and times of the ceremonies a few months beforehand, so make sure to check that you’re booking tickets for your allotted ceremony!

You can also purchase tickets for up to two guests to attend the ceremony with you in the Great Hall – all tickets are free.

Other guests can watch the live broadcast from numerous bars across campus, Alexandra Square, and the Margaret Fell and Faraday Lecture Theatres. All ceremonies are also streamed on the Lancaster University YouTube channel and can be rewatched after the event.

Cap and gown hire

Catherine and two friends sit in a large, purple deckchair

You will receive an email with a link to a website dedicated to hiring your cap and gown, which you need to do approximately a month before your Graduation. For me, the deadline was 22nd June and I graduated on 28th July.

Cap and gown hire costs £40, whereas buying it outright costs £80, so be aware of that in advance! I simply hired mine because I’m not planning on studying for a Master’s and can’t see myself needing them again.

However, if you’re going on to further study or have siblings that will be graduating in the next few years, it might be more cost-effective to buy outright. You can also buy your hat on the day as a memento for £20!

I was able to pick my gown up the day before I graduated at the LICA Building, and returned it to the Roundhouse on Lancaster Square by 7pm, giving me the whole day to get pictures commemorating the day!


Catherine and her father celebrate with prosecco

I’m in County College and attended the celebratory event they put on throughout the day in and around County Bar. Free prosecco, strawberries, and ice cream were provided – you go free and can buy up to nine other tickets for guests at £2.50 each.

As it’s owned by the Student’s Union, the local club Sugar holds two weeks’ worth of Graduation nights. Entry is decreased from £5 to £3, and parents (and grandparents!) are allowed in for free.

I had a great night out with friends and family after I graduated, and would highly recommend it if you enjoy going clubbing. The atmosphere was great, with just the right music picks and the number of people there to feel part of the celebratory crowd but not overwhelmed.

Key venues on campus

Great Hall

This is where your Graduation Ceremony will be held! You need to start queuing up an hour before your ceremony with your tickets ready in order to get everyone seated on time. If you’re struggling with tickets or looking for Lost and Found, the ticket office inside the Great Hall complex is also a handy spot to remember.


You pick your gown up here, and can also pay for professional photographs here.

The Roundhouse

An important one! Drop off any luggage, grab a free Alumni T-shirt, return your gown at the end of the day, and pick up your degree certificate here. If you can’t get your certificate before 6pm on the day, it will be posted home, so don’t worry!

Lancaster Square

A big marquee was set up here with a bar and uni merch on sale. The grassy area surrounding the marquee (County Field) is also where group college photos were held.

Final words

Catherine and her friends stand underneath an archway of balloons

I really enjoyed my Graduation and I hope you do too! Take your time walking across that stage, and get loads of photos – time flies by and it’s easy to get caught up in the day without taking as many as you’d like! There are plenty of LU signs dotted across campus to get a good shot, so take advantage.

For anyone that has graduated alongside me in 2022, and for anyone graduating in the future, congratulations on all your hard work. You deserve to relax and get lost in celebrating your achievements – on to the next chapter!

Catherine and her classmates pose for a photo by the Great Hall