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We warmly welcome enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (PhD).

Please see the list below for a range of research topics that staff members of the Department of Marketing are interested in supervising.

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I am available to supervise PhD around the broad area of international marketing and cross-cultural consumer behaviour. Specific topics on ethics and CSR, consumer financial vulnerability and transformative research are most welcome.

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Available for supervising PhD students in the area of Bottom of the Pyramid/Subsistence Markets and Sustainability Practices in B2B networks.

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I am interested in supervising PhD students in the broad area of Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) - including topics related to Youth Culture, Youth Identity and Consumption, Social Class, and Celebrity Culture.

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I supervise PhD students in the broad areas of consumer culture theory (CCT), transformative consumer research (TCR), social marketing, and food studies. I am particularly receptive to students who demonstrate an appreciation for novel and interpretive approaches to research and share an interest in contemporary consumer experiences. I especially welcome work that centres on the micro-cultural experiences of consumers and the social influences that impact upon consumers' identities, relationships and/or well-being. My current doctoral students contend with a number of exciting conceptual issues that vary from consumer resistance to forms of escapist behaviour using a broad suite of qualitative methods. Their contexts of interest range from studying the functions that binge-watching TV series serve consumers to unpacking how communities make sense of controversies within the food marketplace.

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I am willing to supervise PhD students in any areas of consumer behaviour, service marketing and international marketing research who want to use quantitative methods, especially using experiment and/or regression-based models.

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Sociological and business-based approaches to gambling, entrepreneurship and enterprise education, organisation and management of healthcare services, business history.

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I would be happy to supervise research projects connected with the psychology of markets and sustainability. My former PhD student, Dr. Erik Jacobi, is now a Lecturer at Essex University, and I continue to co-author academic papers with him.

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I look forward to supervising students interested in the following topics: Virtual reality applications and uses - Online/ virtual customer experience - Young consumers within emerging markets (e.g. e-tailing and the role of social media in emerging markets particularly in the Middle East region). - Virtual consumption practices - Compensatory consumption.

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I am always willing to consider those who come with a drive and passion to uncover and solve stimulating, and engaging contemporary issues in the marketing, and organisational domains.

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I am willing to discuss possible supervision with candidates interested in sacred consumption, investigating the relationship between religion and marketplace structures and religious and secular pilgrimage.

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I am interested in supervising doctoral students from the consumer behaviour field, particularly with an orientation towards qualitative-based approaches to research, for instance as found in Consumer Culture Theory. My specific research interests are in the intersections between identity, self and consumption, and in extending theory-building in this area via a variety of empirical contexts (e.g. new mothers; empty nest women; families; children and adolescent consumers; acculturation and cultural contexts).

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I would welcome applicants interested in food controversies - GM food, food waste, food related obesity, approaches to food security, food sustainability - and many more

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I am happy to take on PhD research projects in Educational Management and Marketing - particularly in the post school sector (FE and HE).

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I am keen to supervise Ph.D. students interested in the relationship between self, identity, and consumption. I am particularly interested in (but not limited to): (1) Family consumption and identity negotiation, (2) Consumption, Gender, and Identity from a discursive and an embodied perspective, (3) Transformative consumer research - projects that focus on improving consumer welfare and making positive social impact, and (4) The role of the body in contemporary consumer culture. In terms of methodology, I am interested in anything qualitative, in the broadest sense.

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I am looking for PhD Students: with interest in studying product development and innovation management, for example: open innovation, absorptive capability and dynamic capabilities, social media, digital marketing, SMEs, and internationalization. Students with a multi-disciplinary approach are welcomed.

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I am interested in supervising students with an interest in the following research topics:
•Consumer Behaviour and Ethical Consumption
•Emotions and Hedonic/Experiential Consumption Practices
•Services Dominant Logic and Customer Sphere
•Tourism Marketing and Ethical Practices
Transformative Consumer Research: sustainability and community wellbeing.

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PhD applications are welcomed from prospective students interested in the following areas: International Trade Deals, Innovation and Value Creation, Innovative Responses to Climate Change, Resources and Property Rights, Business Opportunity and Valuation, Negotiation and Deal-making, Strategy and Marketing Management, Assessing Business Performance

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I am interested in supervising PhD students in the broad area of consumption and social marketing, particularly relating to young people and risky consumption behaviour.

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I am willing to supervise PhD students in the following areas: Aesthetics and taste, consumption of space and place, arts marketing and cultural industries, online consumer behaviour, and consumption-driven entrepreneurship.

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