Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Your tuition fees will be based on your residential status at the time of applying. To find out how much your tuition fees will be, please go to our course search and find the degree you are interested in studying or view the fees at a glance.

Our annual tuition fee is set for a 12-month session, starting in the October of your year of study.

Fees for Study Abroad and Work Placements

We will charge tuition fees to Home-EU undergraduate students on full year study abroad/work placements in line with the maximum amounts permitted by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. The current maximum levels are:

  • Students taking a year abroad (either as a study or work placement) under the Erasmus scheme: 15% of the standard tuition fee
  • Students studying abroad for a year outside of the Erasmus scheme: 15% of the standard tuition fee
  • Students taking a work placement (either in the UK or abroad) that is not part of the Erasmus scheme: 20% of the standard tuition fee

Overseas students on full year study abroad/work placements will be charged same percentages of the relevant standard overseas fee.

Please note that the maximum levels chargeable in future years may be subject to changes in Government policy.

Applicants from the European Union

Following the result of the referendum of the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU), it is understandable that our applicants from the EU are unsure of the implications of this result on their current position as potential students at Lancaster University.

The UK government has announced that European Union students applying for a place at an English university or further education institution in 2018-20192019-2020 or 2020-2021 will continue to be eligible for student loans and grants - and will be for the duration of their course.

This decision means that students applying to study from 2018, 2019 or 2020 will be eligible for the same funding and support as they are now, and that their eligibility will continue throughout their course, even if the UK exits the European Union during that period.

Under current student finance rules, EU students are eligible to receive undergraduate tuition fee loans and Masters loans if they have resided in the European Economic Area for at least 3 years prior to study. EU nationals who have resided in the UK for over 5 years are also able to apply for undergraduate maintenance support. Similarly, under EU law, EU students are also eligible for home fee status, which means they are charged the same tuition fees as UK students. Other non-EU, international students do not have their tuition fees capped in this way.

Lancaster University would like to assure you, and all our current and future students – whatever their background – that Lancaster is a welcoming community that includes students from around the world (142 countries). This will not change. The actual process of withdrawing from the EU is expected to take considerable time to plan and implement. Lancaster University can confirm that it has no plans to change the tuition fees for EU students that are published for 2018 or 2019 entry. EU students who are registered at the University in 2018, 2019 or 2020 (either as a new or continuing student) will continue to be charged the home rate for tuition fees for all subsequent years of their programme. As further details become available, we will publish information on our website.

As more plans are announced in the future, Lancaster University will work towards ensuring that the best interests of all our students are maintained and we will continue to be a welcoming destination for the brightest and best minds.

Fees in subsequent years of study

The University will not increase the Tuition Fee you are charged during the course of an academic year. If you are studying on a programme of more than one year’s duration, the tuition fees for subsequent years of your programme are likely to increase each year.

College membership fees

A college membership fee is payable by all new members of colleges.